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Company history:

 BioMed Pharma is one of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry in Syria. Since its inception in 2007, BioMed Pharma has been a high-quality pharmaceutical manufacturer with similar qualities to foreign medicines, which guarantees excellent efficacy in treating various chronic diseases.

 BioMed Pharma has earned the trust of both the doctor and the patient because of its quality manufacturing equipment, high efficiency materials, and the safety of transferring scientific information.

Company Profile:

Since its inception, the company aims to produce high quality medicines with high quality specifications covering the Syrian market in various diseases, especially chronic diseases.

The company's factory is located in Damascus countryside area. The factory area is 6000 m2.

The factory includes many production departments

 - Tablets

-Coated Tablets with film or sugar

- Enteric coated tablets

- Chewable tablets.

- Soluble powder section

- Capsule section

- Syrups and suspensions section

 The factory has been designed and built with the highest international standards for the establishment of pharmaceutical factories in the world.

 All the departments are designed to ensure the highest standards of quality and accommodation.

 For example, a water treatment station has been established to ensure the highest quality standards for liquid medicines; this station was built according to the latest cGMP recommendations.

 In our manufacturing process we use the global protocols in accordance with the international quality standards GMP.

 As the company ensures the highest standards in manufacturing because all its medicines are manufactured and monitored in strict ways and laws to ensure the highest degree of efficiency and purity, which guarantees the patient full effectiveness 100%.

 BioMed Pharma has always sought to obtain international certificates in manufacturing and high quality

The certificates we obtained:

 ISO 9001 certification.

 ISO 14001 International Standard Certification for Environmental Management System.

OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Certificate.

All awarded by S.G.S. Yarsley, England.

 Since its inception, BioMed Pharma has been aiming to manufacture new and quality drugs that treat chronic diseases and include:

 - Cardiovascular drugs

 - Medications for diabetes

 - Neuropsychological drugs

 - Viral medicines

 - Gastrointestinal drugs

 - Children syrups

- Vitamins and nutritional supplements

 BioMed Pharma has been the pioneer in the production of quality drugs for chronic diseases lacking in the Syrian market as examples:

 Tinofovir for the treatment of hepatitis B

 Diferiprone for the treatment of thalassemia

Business system in the company:

 BioMed Pharma operates a balanced organizational system between management, production, marketing and advertising.

It follows the electronic communication systems and the use of computer software in most of its operations and seeks to develop these systems permanently and continuously.

 BioMed Pharma is distinguished by its highly experienced staff and excellent knowledge both in the laboratory and in the advertising department.

 The company is currently exporting to many Asian and African Arab countries where the company has been officially registered. Our policy in the foreign markets depends on the long-term professional approach in terms of adopting distinguished agents and employing an integrated and professional advertising crew trained and supplied with all the skills and courses of sales and advertising representatives.

All this is supported by the latest methods of follow-up and practical study of medical marketing and sales to ensure full access to all members of the health community in these countries and to ensure the satisfaction of our customers around the world.

Company Vision:

Finally, the vision of BioMed Pharma is to produce high quality pharmaceuticals that ensure patients complete satisfaction and proven effectiveness in treating chronic diseases at reasonable prices, making them a real partner with a leading role in the pharmaceutical industry in Syria.

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